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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are CCB donors?

CCB recruits men between the ages of 19 and 40. Our donors are physically healthy men and are mostly university students, entrepreneurs and even professionals with degrees. Donors can be single but some are married with children of their own. We believe that our donors genuinely wish to help others.

Are CCB donors anonymous?

Yes, all donors are anonymous according to South African law (National Health Act). Anonymous donors give up all rights to children from their semen donations. All criteria for accepting a donor must be met according to the National Health Act.

What kind of information is available on CCB donors?

Donors provide us with a personal profile, medical history, family medical history and childhood photographs. A detailed profile will be given to the recipients.

How important is blood type when choosing a donor?

This is up to the patient and a medical professional should aid in the discussion. If the child will be told about the use of a donor, it is not important, but if questions about paternity need to be avoided in the future, the donor’s blood group may be matched to the male partner. However, children do not always inherit the same blood types as their parents. If the parents have blood types A and B, for example, their child could have any of the four blood types: A, B, O, AB.

The only reason why blood type is of medical importance is when the female is Rhesus-negative. Women who are Rhesus-negative may develop antibodies to a Rhesus-positive foetus if the donor is Rhesus-positive. This should be discussed with your medical professional.

How does CCB limit the number of offspring from each donor?

Patients report pregnancies and these are carefully recorded on the donor’s records. Each donor is allowed 6 pregnancies/live births according to South African law.

Does CCB divulge the number of pregnancies per donor?

Yes, CCB shares this information with recipients. Our records are updated regularly and each donor’s pregnancies are carefully recorded.

Is it a bad sign if a donor has no reported pregnancies?

No, this has no bearing on a donor’s fertility. It may simply mean that the donor is new on our list and has not been used before. CCB screens every donor very well which means we provide high quality semen samples.

Does cryopreservation (freezing) affect sperm?

We carefully select “freezable” donors, meaning selecting donor sperm of high quality which will withstand the stress of being frozen and thawed.

We add cryopreservation material to regulate cooling and this protects the sperm cells from freezing injury.

How long can sperm stay frozen?

According to literature, sperm can be frozen indefinitely. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine published a report of several women who had normal births from semen stored for 28 years.

Is it possible for an insemination to be done at home?

In South Africa according to the National Health Act only a competent person can perform Artificial Insemination. We only issue sperm for insemination to patients who are under treatment with a gynecologist.

Should a birth or pregnancy be reported?

Yes, pregnancies and/or live births need to be reported to our clinic as it is used to track the number of births for each donor.

What are the legal implications of using donor sperm?

According to South African law sperm donation is always anonymous.

The donor and recipient are legally allowed to remain anonymous. The donor has the right to specify who the recipient will be, for example religion, race, sexual preference and marital status.

It is similar to receiving a donor heart or kidney. According to South African law, a profit cannot be made from human tissue, including sperm.

After a child is born from donor sperm, the donor is not legally obliged for financial assistance. The recipients are legally and totally responsible for the offspring. The donor has no legal rights and no responsibilities in terms of their biological offspring.

What is the CCB address?

We are located in room 209 Library Square,


1 Wilderness Road,


Cape Town

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