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Cape Cryo Bank

Anonymity and Confidentiality – Securely Guarded

Welcome to the Cape Cryo Bank!

Sperm donation is anonymous and the confidentiality of our donors as well as our patients is safely and securely guarded. Our donor semen meets or exceeds all required standards and we offer the highest level of care at a reasonable cost.

History of Artificial Insemination in the World


The first successful insemination was recorded in 1790 by Dr John Hunter. The first known live birth by donor insemination was in 1884 by Professor William Pancoast in Philadelphia. Now sperm donation is a widely performed procedure in many clinics in the world.

History of the Cape Cryo Bank


The Cape Cryo Bank was established in 1994 and since then many couples, single women and same-sex couples have started and expanded their families.In South Africa all sperm donations are anonymous.

Only medical and genetic information is permitted to be divulged to a child born as a result of donor insemination. A detailed medical and personal history is disclosed.

Our sperm bank screens our donors according to ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) guidelines.

Our Commitment


We offer an excellent service to our donors and recipients and we strive for the best quality care and the highest possible chance for successful pregnancies with a high artificial insemination success rate.

Our highly skilled IVF professionals have assisted many patients achieve their dreams of starting or growing their families. We are committed to providing patients with a product of the highest quality.

Our Donors

Our cryo bank contains a large variety of donors of all races for selection at competitive prices. We can also arrange for sperm to be shipped to other locations for insemination or ICSI.

Should you be interested in egg donation, we have an international egg donation program here.

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